Apply DevOps to
Traditional Enterprise Applications

DevOps Extends Agile

A modern development process is comprised of the continuous delivery of high-quality code in small, frequent batches. The result is faster feedback loops, reduced defect resolution time, and accelerated release cycles.

To facilitate these deployments, infrastructure resources must be available on-demand.

Instant, Production-Ready Environments

Skytap Cloud environments are composed of everything required to directly model the production installation of your traditional applications. These environments can be easily cloned, shared, suspended, and discarded, giving developers self-service access to the environments they need, while IT maintains full control and visibility.

Our environments give teams exactly what they need at every step of the development process. Lower fidelity models of production offer fast, cost-effective environments for early- and middle-stage testing, while high-fidelity, full-scale models are ideal for late-stage testing.

Feature-Rich, Self-Service Environments

Skytap Cloud makes faster cycle times possible with immediate access to accurate models of production systems.

Blended EnvironmentsTemplateCloneShareAuto-SuspendDeleteVPN and NAT
For DevCombine AIX, VMware, and containers for end to end testingAccess resources anytime, anywhere without submitting a ticketEliminate configuration drift with identical environmentsEnable “follow the sun development” and faster defect triagePause and return to environments always in their most current state

Easily delete environments when no longer needed

Connect to components in other clouds or on-premises datacenters

For OpsProvide self-service while governing
access and utilization
Configure environments once, then save for future provisioning
Reduce infrastructure capacity requirementsEnable global collaboration across teamsUtilize capacity only when environments are in useEliminate environment hoarding and idle infrastructureSecurely connect environments with external networks

Enable Parallel Development and Test Streams

Adopting DevOps at scale requires development and testing teams to parallel process more work in less time. With Skytap Cloud, development and test teams can access environment templates and resources instantaneously. Environments can be cloned again and again, so development and testing can be spread across any number of identical environments at the same time. Development teams can divide work among the cloned environments and then delete them when work is complete, minimizing resource costs.

Integrates With Your Existing Tooling

DevOps adoption brings monumental changes to the processes and culture in any organization. To increase trust and buy-in from those teams affected, Skytap Cloud’s powerful API and command-line interface makes custom toolchain integrations a snap.

Our customers integrate a wide range of popular open source infrastructure-as-code tools with Skytap Cloud, including Jenkins, Ansible, Vagrant, as well as tools from Microsoft and IBM. You can also practice deployments into production environment replicas with Skytap Cloud integrations into CA release automation and IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

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Automate Everything

Skytap Cloud’s REST API enables you to automate any feature of our cloud. Simple code commands can be used to spin up and clone environment templates, configure new environments, deploy applications changes, and much more.

Because we mirror your on-premises data center, you can easily test automated production deployments in Skytap Cloud, then execute those deployments in on-premises production.

Resources to Guide Your Modernization

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