Modernize your
 Traditional Applications

Migrate in Days, Not Months or Years

Modern applications are often built in the cloud using agile development, while traditional, mission-critical applications are tightly coupled to on-premises datacenter settings that typical public clouds simply can’t support. For most enterprises, this makes migration impossible without significant rework that can cost millions and take years to complete.

Skytap Cloud removes barriers to cloud migration and development for traditional applications so enterprises can maximize their existing investments and modernize these applications with new technology, architectures, and services.

Dynamically Manage Complete Environments

Skytap Cloud provides development teams with self-service access to environments, while simultaneously giving IT greater control and visibility over resources. Dynamic management features include:

  • Suspend and Auto-Suspend: Suspend working environments for short-term cost reduction or long-term cold storage. Set timed, graceful suspends of resources to reduce idle infrastructure and associated costs.
  • Environment Cloning: Replicate complete application environments including complex layer 2 and layer 3 networks.
  • Tags and Labels: Perform detailed usage reporting using your own allocations and tracking schema.
  • Granular Access Control and Quota Management: Set permissions at the region, department, and user level.
  • REST API: Control and automate Skytap Cloud functionality, including usage reports
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    Adopt Modern Development Processes

    Cloud migration is only the start of the modernization journey. Once in Skytap Cloud, our customers improve business agility by providing teams with self-service, production ready environments that can be provisioned in seconds. Skytap Cloud environments enable parallel development and test streams, end to end testing, and continuous development and delivery. Using this environments-first approach to cloud infrastructure, our customers replace waterfall development with agile processes and DevOps initiatives.

    Modernize with Cloud-Native Services and Architectures

    As our customers modernize traditional applications with new cloud services, Skytap Cloud helps drive continued innovation through:

  • Container Management: Develop, deploy, and manage containerized and non-containerized application components side-by-side in a single cloud environment.
  • Blended Environments: Run AIX, Linux, Windows, and containers side-by-side for end to end testing and rapid, incremental development.
  • Secure VPN/NAT Connections: Directly connect to workloads and services in other clouds or on-premises datacenters.
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