As more organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, enterprises are in search of the right cloud services to best suit business and application needs, while avoiding vendor lock-in. Gartner predicts, “By 2021, over 75% of midsize and large organizations will have adopted a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy.” Which is why — in our mission to help customers on their modernization journey — we aim to meet customers where they are, and help companies flexibly navigate a world of multiple vendors, sprawling environments, and varying toolsets. Through our robust set of APIs, we constantly see customers integrating with cloud-native services including mobile, IoT and machine learning.

Building on this interoperability and increasing our commitment to the open source community, we are excited to announce that through our partnership with Hashicorp, customers can now use the Skytap Terraform Provider to provision and manage traditional application environments and VMs running in Skytap Cloud.

Much like the evolution of physical servers to virtualization, the journey to the cloud doesn’t happen overnight, as traditional business-critical applications move from solely residing in the datacenter to consuming cloud-native services and cloud-hosted VMs, IT operations have to shift from managing physical servers to adopting new automation and provisioning tools to manage the a range of cloud-based services. While these cloud services are fairly easy to provision, consistency and management of complete application environments is a challenge. This is where infrastructure as code (IaC) was born. IaC enables infrastructure and services for an application to be defined and managed through a single source, in our case Hashicorp’s Terraform, then provision and destroy as required to control cloud spend and sprawl.

For our customers, whether they are replicating their datacenter or modernizing traditional applications, the Skytap provider for Terraform enables automatic provisioning of x86 and IBM Power resources in Skytap Cloud. As enterprises move to introduce cloud native services from hyper-scale clouds like IBM, Azure, AWS and Google, their Terraform provider can be included in the Terraform plan, which provides a single source for application infrastructure and services across multiple clouds.

Learn more about Terraform and get started with our Skytap Provider by visiting: