Accelerating Cloud Innovation with
     Hybrid Applications

Traditional Applications Weren’t Built for Cloud

Traditional applications remain the foundation of enterprise functions and have received significant investments, customizations, and integrations over the years. Developed to run on physical infrastructure close to their users, these applications depend on specialized datacenter configurations.

Most public clouds are built for greenfield applications. Traditional applications must be rearchitected or even rewritten before they can be moved, adding years and cost onto your move to the cloud or forcing you to keep these applications locked on-premises.

Migration Made Easy

Skytap Cloud makes rapid migration of your traditional applications possible, so you don’t have to start over. Our environments function like “virtual datacenters” that replicate your application’s complete datacenter environment – including complex layer2 and layer3 networking topologies – so traditional applications can be migrated to our cloud fundamentally unchanged.

This approach is faster, more cost-effective, and enables your enterprise to focus on innovation instead of rearchitecting.

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Environments-First Approach

Imagine your complete datacenter could be deployed like a container. That’s the power of Skytap Cloud environments.

Skytap Cloud environments replicate a traditional application’s on-premises deployment. A single environment encapsulates infrastructure, networking, storage, OS, middleware, and memory state into a self-contained unit of work that is instantly available in a working state. This environments-first approach to cloud infrastructure enables IT teams to provide self-service resources, while maintaining control over costs and access.

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Improve Business Agility

  • Blended Environments: Operate AIX, Windows, Linux, and Solaris alongside containerized application components
  • Self-Service: Configure once, then instantly provision copies with a single click
  • Templates: Save read-only copies for instantaneous future provisioning
  • Clone: Cloned environments are identical down to layer 2 and layer 3 network settings and running memory state, eliminating configuration drift
  • Share: Provide revocable access to an environment or virtual machine with a simple URL
  • Copy to Region: Make exact duplicates from one datacenter region to another with a single command
  • REST API: Automate the entire functionality of Skytap Cloud and integrate environments with your existing tooling
  • Control Provisioning and Utilization

  • Role-Based Access Controls: Set permissions at the region, department, and user level
  • Suspend and Resume: Suspend working environments for short-term cost reduction or long-term cold storage
  • Auto-Suspend: Set timed, graceful suspends of resources to eliminate idle infrastructure and associated costs
  • Granular Quotas: Enforce cost controls with granular usage quotas across regions, departments, and users
  • Tags and Labels: Perform detailed usage reporting using your own allocations and tracking schema
  • Reporting and Analytics: Receive access to extensive audit and usage data as well as a service health dashboard
  • Modernize Incrementally

  • Container Management: Introduce modern technologies and architectures, agnostic support for container orchestration frameworks
  • Blended Environments: Enable modernization at your own pace by running old and new side by side
  • VPN and NAT Connections: Securely connect to other cloud services or back to datacenters on-premises
  • Build and Run Hybrid Applications

    Skytap Cloud’s powerful functionality empowers customers to build and run hybrid applications at the core of modern IT. Rather than focusing on just hybrid infrastructure, Skytap Cloud helps customers create hybrid applications that blend traditional components with new technology.

    This approach enables customers to benefit from modern technologies while preserving existing investments. The end result is greater innovation.

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    Global Enterprise Infrastructure

    Skytap Cloud supports enterprises with always-on, global workloads across a worldwide network of datacenters. We offer:

    • 99.95% SLA with no maintenance window
    • Self-service, production-ready environments
    • Highly customizable compute, storage, OS, and network settings
    • Granular, role-based access controls
    • Dedicated regions for sensitive workloads
    • Robust management features and dashboard
    • REST API for automated management and integrations
    • Secure connections to other clouds or on-premises datacenters
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    Skytap Cloud integrates seamless into your existing process so your teams use the tools and technologies of their choice. In addition to a powerful REST API and command-line interface, Skytap Cloud and Skytap partners offer robust repository of integrations common infrastructure as code and build and deploy tools and frameworks.

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