IBM® PowerHA® technology provides high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery for IBM i and AIX on Power. It enables you to deploy an HA solution that addresses both storage and high availability requirements with one integrated configuration, which offers robust performance along with a simplified user interface.

PowerHA V7.2.2 features SystemMirror which provides a graphical, interactive dashboard enabling management and monitoring of your cluster(s) outside of the console, the new log analytics tool will analyze on or offline cluster log data producing reports with recommended actions thus compounding IT operational efficiency

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Management (IBM i Edition)
Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition) lets you deploy your applications into complex, multiplatform production environments faster, with fewer software defects and deployment glitches, and with compliance. It automates the entire software development and delivery process–from requests to deployment. Meet business demands while improving software quality and developer productivity.

Rocket iCluster
Your IBM i system is the foundation of your business, and you need 24/7 availability. Any downtime can lead to business disruptions, lost revenue and unhappy customers. Rocket iCluster high-availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solutions help ensure uninterrupted operation for your IBM i applications, providing continuous access by monitoring, identifying and self-correcting replication problems.

Rocket API
Rocket API helps organizations deliver intuitive web and mobile applications by making it easy to transform rigid, green-screen based workflows into outstanding user experiences. With Rocket API, you can enable real-time access to critical business functions from virtually any application at a fraction of the time, expense, or risk normally associated with modernization projects.

Robot HA
Hundreds of organizations rely on this technology for business continuity on IBM i. Robot HA delivers the ease-of-use you need to establish high availability at your organization plus advanced features—including trigger programs, physical file constraints, library rename capabilities, and bi-directional synchronization—to accommodate even the most complex environments.

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MIMIX® for PowerHA® is a complementary solution for users of IBM® PowerHA® System Mirror® for i. It closes the gaps in IBM PowerHA HA/DR protection and audits for conditions that could impact switch operations. When paired with MIMIX Availability, MIMIX for PowerHA extends HA/DR protection by enabling replication of data to additional local or remote servers for disaster recovery, query and data distribution purposes.

MIMIX Availability
MIMIX® Availability™ leads the industry in high availability and disaster recovery for IBM i servers. Thousands of companies worldwide, from small businesses to global enterprises, depend on MIMIX Availability to keep their data safe from loss and their operations running continuously. Scalable real-time replication, comprehensive audits, an easy graphical interface, and customizable automation for common operations make MIMIX the easy choice for confidently eliminating planned and unplanned downtime.