The cloud for migrating and modernizing your traditional enterprise applications.
The only cloud where you can run x86, Power, AIX, Linux, and Windows applications together.

Skytap Cloud announces first-ever public cloud support for IBM i operating system.

The Only Cloud for Traditional Applications

Mission-critical. Maintained for decades. Datacenter-dependent. These are the applications your business can’t run without, but you can’t run on cloud. Until now.


Assess Your Application Portfolio and Get a Clear Picture of Your Modernization Strategy

Transform Traditional to Hybrid

Once in Skytap Cloud, you can modernize your traditional applications by augmenting them with cloud-native services and architectures.

These hybrid applications preserve your existing investment, enabling you to drive more business value without rewriting core functionality from scratch.

Not Magic, Genius!


Transform Over Time, Not Overnight

Skytap Cloud provides an incremental approach to application modernization called IPA: Infrastructure, Process, Architecture. Using IPA, enterprise teams can progress through the following use cases:

Cloud Migration

No refactoring or rewriting. Skytap Cloud replicates your datacenter settings, so you can migrate x86 and AIX-based applications – unchanged – in days.

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DevOps and Agile

Self-service access to production-ready environments, combined with CI/CD integrations, enables application teams to release higher quality software faster.

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Application Architecture

Applications are modernized by introducing modern architectures like container-based microservices and augmenting apps with cloud-native services.

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